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Prenota Ora

Panasea Villa Naxos | 5 Bedroom Villa


Panasea villa delivers the experience of a warm, relaxing refuge, combined with the luxury of upscale amenities and services; offering the key essences of every unforgettable vacation. It embodies the rugged-charm and beauty of the Cyclades and reflects the ancient hospitality values of Naxos, which are presented with contemporary, professional know-how. If it is true that we travel to find ourselves, panasea presents the perfect opportunity to connect deeply with the beauty of the Cyclades and therefore, with ourselves

This villa of 220 m2 total and approximately 5200 m2 outdoor premises is ideal for couples, friends and families that love to relax and unwind in quiet, private natural surroundings. The panasea experience is all about slow-living and leisure, discovering the authentic Cycladic ability to heal the spirit in blissfulness. To live so close to the sea, enjoy its amazing views from the interior of the villa as well as the spacious garden area; to bond with sea and sky, is a part of the unparalleled universe of panasea villa.

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